Booming Vikingworld

Vikingworld in the town of Reykjanes keeps attracting visitors. Guests have continued to grow in number ever since the museum was opened in 2009.  From the year 2011 there has been an increase in number of guests of 145% and they were 21,000 altogether in 2013 thereof 14,000 foreign tourists.

Surveys have been used to gather information from visitors about their experience. It turns out that most visitors decide on their visit beforehand because of their interest in the history of the Vikings, the viking ship the Icelander or overall interest in history. Valgerður Guðmundsdóttir, director, says it  very rewarding to find out that visitors are overall very satisfied and they rate the viking ship with 9,6 – 9,7 with the highest possible score being 10. In addition they compliment the building and the atmosphere as well as other of the 5 exhibitions in Vikingworld which all relate to the Viking age in one way or the other i.e. through Norse mythology and archaeological findings from the region.

Valgerður says the year 2014 is looking promising and hopes that a new website. vikingaheimar.is and a positive discussion for example in the reputable Lonely Planet guide book will help boost the admission.